System Requirements

Sync Tool System Requirements

The Sync Tool is compatible with the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows
Windows 11 Monterey v.12 or newer
Windows 2019 Server Big Sur v.11
Windows 2016 Server Catalina v.10.15
Windows 2012 Server R2 Mojave v.10.14
Windows 2012 Server High Sierra v.10.13*
Windows 2008 Server R2 Sierra v.10.12*
Windows 2008 Server El Capitan v.10.11*
Windows 10  
Windows 8.1 (Inc. Surface Pro (not ARM))     

Windows 8 and 7


Only 64-bit OSX machines are supported. 

** As of 10.14, MacOS notifies users of applications using 32 bit architecture. This is not indicative of a lack of support from vBoxxCloud, nor a compatibility issue. This will be addressed in an upcoming release as we migrate the application to fully 64-bit.


Minimum system requirements are as follows: 

Disk space:            200 mb for installation
RAM: 512 mb
CPU: 1 Ghz Single-Core or better


Web Browser Requirements:

The browsers listed below have been explicitly tested for support with vBoxxCloud software. Other browsers with HTML 5 support may work but are not supported with this application.

   1. Internet Explorer 11, including sub-versions and Microsoft Edge for macOS and Windows
   2. Chrome 12+
   3. Firefox 13+
   4. Safari for 6 & 7 OS X, version 5.2.7 for Windows

Note: If you are using an older browser that does not fully incorporate HTML 5 (such as IE 8/9), we recommend you have Flash installed.


vBoxxCloud Mobile Sync Tool Support:  

Apple iOS 11+
Android 5+


Microsoft Outlook Plug-in Requirements: 

The Outlook add-in can be installed in Microsoft Outlook versions 2010+ (Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit environments) with .NET 4.7.1 version or higher. Microsoft Outlook for Mac does not support third-party add-ins.

Note: This feature is not supported for Microsoft Outlook installed on Mac operating systems. Microsoft Outlook installed on Mac operating systems does not allow for the installation of add-ins.

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