How do I create guest users?

How do I create guest users?

You can create an unlimited number of Guest Users. This type of user can only access the folders you have shared through the web interface. 

To create a Guest User, go to My Files, select Guests and click + Create Guest.

how to create guest users - vBoxxCloud

Fill in the name and email address of the person you want to share data with. You can set a password or Auto-Generate it. 

how to set a password for guest users? - vBoxxCloud

The new guest user receives an automatic email from the address associated with the organization, with the login details.



After creating the Guest Users, you can share files and folders with them. Go back to My Files, right click on a folder and select Share.

secure share with a guest user - vBoxxCloud 

In the Share Access panel, you select the users you want to share with as well and what type of access will they have.

secure share settings - vBoxxCloud

If you select Notify on Download you will receive an email each time the file is downloaded.


The guest user will see the following window after login in. 

Active share - vBoxxCloud 

Share Overview 

If you want to see who has access to the folders, you can go to My Files, then Shares

share overview - vBoxxCloud


Team Shares - all folders on vBoxxCloud that are shared with other users and are located in an organization, these folders are synchronized automatically through the sync tool.

Items You Have Shared - all folders or files that you have shared with guest users, normal users or external users. To see who are you sharing these items with press  expand share overview - vBoxxCloud . To change the users, you are sharing with, press the icon check share guest subscribers - vBoxxCloud.

Items Shared With Me - all the files and folders that other vBoxxCloud users shared with you.

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