VBoxxCloud version is now live and brings new features!

VBoxxCloud version  is now live and has some awesome new features!

Guest Upload

vBoxxCloud now supports collaboration via guest uploads and shares. This feature will allow third-parties to upload files to both public and private shares with an organization. In addition, this feature will have the benefit of not requiring the creation of an official user account (which counts against the organization’s license), while still allowing full-scale collaboration between all internal and external users.


Benefits of the Guest Upload feature:

  1. Collaboration with third parties who are not formally part of an organization
  2. Unofficial account creation with unique login credentials for each guest user
  3. Flexibility to allow current end-users within an organization to create guest accounts for third parties
  4. Granular permission settings to limit or allow guest users to have read, write, or delete access to shared content
  5. Ability to set expiration dates on guest shares



  • A number of improvements made to enhance the speed and performance of the Sync Tool
  • To improve CPU performance, files of extension .tmp are now excluded when syncing data
  • If a machine is in sleep state, added feature to have agent ping the server immediately on wake
  • Fixed issue where un-linking a machine would incorrectly remove any backups attached to that machine from the main Backups UI (as seen from the point of view of an admin user)
  • Fixed issue where deleting an LDAP authentication source would fail if any imported users had already been deleted
  • General bug fixes and usability enhancements

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