Changing languages in vBoxxCloud

Changing languages in vBoxxCloud


The web portal can be configured to support non-English languages and different timezones. You can set these settings for an entire organization or for individual user accounts; users can also configure their own language and timezone preferences. 

Supported Languages

The languages currently supported by the web portal are:
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese (BR)
Note: More languages will be supported in future releases.

Changing language as a user or guest user

1. Users will need to click on "Logged in as..." to access their settings account. 

changing language user settings - vboxxcloud

2. Guest users will need to click on "My Account" once logged in to change their language settings. 

guest user language settings - vboxxcloud

3. Both users and guest users can then change the language and click on save to change.

changing language user and guest settings - vboxxcloud 


Changing language for the entire organization as an admin

To change settings for an organization:
  1. Within the organization, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the Default Language drop-down menu, select the preferred laguage for the organization, this will also affect number formats. Leave the field blank to use the default language set by vBoxxCloud (English).
  3. In the Default Timezone, select the preferred timezone, this will affect dates and tims displayed across the system. Leave the field blank to use the system default.

    vBoxxCloud - Changing language for your organization

Changing language for users as an admin

To change this setting for a a specific user. 

  1.  Click the Accounts tab.
  2. In the Accounts page, click the Edit button next to the user for whom you want to change language settings. 

    edit user settings - vboxxcloud

  3. In the Language drop-down menu, select the user's preferred site language, this will affect numbering formats. Leave this field blank to use the default language set for the organization.
  4. In the Default Timezone drop-down menu, select the user's preferred timezone, which will affect dates and times displayed across the system.

    change user account language - vBoxxCloud


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