Syncing icons not showing on vBoxx Sync

Syncing icons not showing on vBoxx Sync 

Windows can only handle 15 icon overlay identifiers the rest get ignored. If file collision, file locking, and file syncing indicators are not displaying, here is a short step by step guide.
By following the next 5 steps you will solve this problem.

 On Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10


1. Check the registry of your overlay icons that Windows Explorer can load. Press the Windows key + R and enter regedit.

regedit vboxxcloud icon overlay article

2. Search for the following registry key with this path



Edit: Only overlays in the first 15 positions will display. By deleting other overlays you can make room for your icons. Be sure you don't need the overlays you deleted. 

icon overlay vboxxxcloud article 2 

3. To give priority to the vBoxxCloud overlays you have to rename them by right-clicking on the keys and selecting rename. Then add 3 times a space at the beginning of the name to place them at the top of the list, example:  "   nameofthekey"

rename register icon overlay vboxxcloud

4. Now you can restart explorer.exe or restart your computer. 

5. Launch the vBoxxCloud client and the sync icons will be displayed. 



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