Protect your Data Using Revision Rollback

Protect your Data Using Revision Rollback
The Revision Rollback feature allows users to restore all files within an entire folder (standard folder, Team Share, or Backup) to an earlier version before a selected date. This feature is particularly useful in situations where all items in a folder might have been compromised or corrupted on a particular date (for example, through a Crypto Locker infection). 

Note: The Revision Rollback feature uses a 24-hour clock, and is based on the time zone of the vBoxxCloud server. Please note that our server is located in the Netherlands.


Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricsts the access to infected files, and demands a ransom payment to remove the restriction. The Revision Rollback feature is very useful for restoring typical malware attacks, using a file's revision history, and restoring the content in the root folder to a healthy version at a specific point in time. 

You can use the Activity Log to see when the infected files were upload, and then roll back to a date prior to the infection. Note, that the file's revision can refer to the originally upload file (first version) or a revision of an edited file (subsequent revisions).

Important: Advanced ransomware attacks, might delete, recreate, and then change file names, directly affecting the file's revision history. This will prevent you from restoring to a previous revision. In these situations, vBoxxCloud Snapshot featur will help you recover from advantaced attacks. To learn about the Snapshot feature, read the article Recovering from Malware Attacks with vBoxxCloud Snapshot.



To access the Revision Rollback feature:

1. Log in to the web portal and click the My Files link.


restore file versions in vBoxxCloud

2. In the My Files page, navigate to the appropriate folder. While inside the folder, click the Rollback button in the toolbar. 

The Rollback pop-up window displays, prompting you to select a date and time. Select a day and time before the time to which you want to restore. For example, if you select June 25th at 12:40 PM, the feature will find the first file version before June 25th at 12:40. If a version exists at 12:40 and another at 12:39, the file at 12:39 will be restored.

The servers are located in Dutch data centers. Keep the time difference in mind.


Revision rollback - vBoxxCloud

3. Click Rollback when you are finished.

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