News: vBoxxCloud version v2.5.2 now live!

Published: 05/10/2016

vBoxxCloud version v2.5.2 now live!

Release Notes:

vBoxx is pleased to announce vBoxxCloud v2.5.2, the latest release includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.


  • New Snapshot feature that enables org administrators to copy a root at a specified point in time for data management or recovery purposes.

  • Alerts now support FSE machines that are unreachable for more than 5 minutes.

  • A new organization policy allows admins to control whether or not end users can roll back revisions.

  • Redis, an in-memory data structure store, is now packaged for on-prem deployments.

  • A new customizable organization policy enforces rate-limiting to prevent abuse by third-party services and/or users.

  • Daily Digest emails now list modified and newly added files in alphabetical order.

  • Drag & Drop confirmation popup now displays total progress of the batch upload.

  • The Push Now button to test ConnectWise billing agreements now updates/creates the expected agreements.

  • CSS and JavaScript updates now support better tooltip rendering.

  • Revision Rollback time is now standardized with browser and localization support.

  • An error message will now display when certain fields’ inputted character counts are exceeded.

  • Reports page formatting is now enhanced to cleanly display report names.

  • Reporting performance is now significantly improved.

  • Mobile users can now back out of Web Preview view to return to the share landing page.

  • The file sync process is now improved to account for the recent AutoCAD 2017 changes to their update pattern.

  • Hydration method query is now further improved for sync down performance, particularly in an instance of a mutex timeout.


  • Print options dialogs generated from third party applications no longer hang when "Finding available printers".

  • Web uploads now return accurate responses.

  • Group settings page title bar now displays the correct group name.

  • Downloading reports with a forward slash in the name no longer throws a 404 error.

  • File locks now properly expire in an edge case where no other subscribed machines are online.

  • Purge policy is now properly enforced for certain edge-cases.

  • Org policy for throttling bandwidth will now be properly honored by the Desktop Client.

  • WebDAV no longer fails authentication for long usernames.

  • Quota alerts will now save and generate properly.

  • Desktop Client service no longer crashes in an edge case on macOS.

  • The Plugin for Microsoft Outlook now properly loads on older x86 versions of Outlook.


  • The Desktop client service will now remain stable on Windows XP environments after upgrading to the latest version.

  • Search results within My Files will now be consistently isolated to the directory being searched.

Please contact vBoxx support if you have any questions about these new features.