News: vBoxxCloud version v2.6.0 Hotfix 4

Published: 20/02/2018


vBoxxCloud version v2.6.0 Hotfix 4

20 February 2018

vBoxx is pleased to announce vBoxxCloud v2.6.0.1163 (includes vBoxxCloud client beta and client v2.5.4.1074), our latest release of vBoxxCloud, which includes important updates.

Note: This is the last planned beta release of the vBoxxCloud desktop client version 2.6.0+.  vBoxx will no longer support outdated operating systems in the future. 


  • Improved vBoxxCloud HTML templates implemented for organizations without custom templates.

  • Desktop client (beta) auto-lock now supports .PPT, .PPTX, and .ODP file formats

  • Desktop client (beta) auto-lock menu options properly display

  • Desktop client (beta) auto-lock duration properly remains configured after restarting the client GUI

  • Desktop client (beta) warning resolution tooltips now properly close

  • Desktop client (beta) sync status improved for more accuracy

  • Desktop client (beta) registration wizard optimized for better performance

  • Desktop client (beta) menus and dialogs will now properly render

  • Desktop client (beta) registration wizard dialog will now prompt when an unregistered desktop client (beta) application icon is double clicked

  • List of excluded extensions can now be copied to the clipboard from the desktop client (beta) properties menu 

  • Web Preview and Collaborative Web Editing will no longer auto-launch when accessing the Share landing page

  • Return to My Files link on Share landing page now properly redirects users to the originating location

  • Password complexity error message is now properly thrown on the web in certain edge cases

  • Rebranded logos are now properly sized on the Share landing page

Please contact your Account Manager or vBoxx Support if you have any questions. Thanks,

The vBoxx Team