€8,- per user/month
Full Feature Access
SSL encryption
Custom branding
Online Document editing
Advanced admin control
File server enablement
Unlimited guest users
Personal support
€2,- Per storage pack (50GB)
Free migration service
Unlimited revisions
Secure file sharing
Continuous backup
Unlimited file size upload
Free guest sharing
No speed limit
Instant delivery

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Max number of users
Number of storage packs (50GB)

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vBoxxCloud €10.00 EUR
Max number of users kostenlos
Number of storage packs (50GB) kostenlos
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€12.10 EUR

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  • Customize your server

  • Enter personal details

  • Launch your server

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künftiger Gesamtbetreg:
€10.00 EUR Monatlich
VAT @ 21%   €2.10 EUR
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€12.10 EUR