How to create an organization in vBoxxCloud?

How to create an organization in vBoxxCloud?

Configuring an organizational structure is the best way to have greater control over team shares. i.e. creating sub-organizations for different departments could help you limit the access to higher organizations, where you can store important information. Even if you are an admin of a sub-organization you will not have access to a higher organization, unless this is decided by an higher administrator.


1. Login into your account with the Email Address and Password set beforehand.

vboxxcloud login screen


2. You will directly Log In into the Admin Dashboard, where you can find an general overview of vBoxxCloud.


admin dashboard vboxxcloud 

3. By default you will at the left of the screen the organization you named initially. To add a sub-organization first select the Highest organization and then click on + Create organization.

4. In the organization settings you can set up various configurations, such as:

  • Parent Organization: allows you to change which parent organization do you want the sub-organization associated with. 
  • Contact Email: the email where the auto-replies will come from.
  • Excluded extensions: You can write any file extension that you don't want being transferred to your vBoxxCloud. 
  • Allow Creation of Sub-organizations.
  • Enable Branding: This allows the organization admin to, upload a logo, icon and even change the name of the sync tool.
  • Let admins browse remote files.
  • Force Password Change: you can set the amounts of days the password will be valid. 
  • Require two-step authentication: Token authentication, via app, SMS or Email.

5. In the image below you can see one main organization Your Company and four sub-organizations.

vboxxcloud organization structure

Hint: The organizational structure can be used to limit access to certain files and folders in the cloud due to its hierarchic nature. Additionally, it's a powerful way of organizing your vBoxxCloud if your company has many departments with various Team Shares.

6. Now that you have created the desired organizational structure, you can create Users and Team Shares in a specific organization.

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