Sharing files with guest users

Sharing files with guest users

 You are able to share your content with guest users by using your Agent or web portal
 1. Sharing with the Sync Agent:

sharing files from the vboxx sync tool - vBoxxCloud

2. Sharing in the Web Portal:


share files from web portal - vBoxxCloud

3. When you want to share a file or folder with a Guest User you have to choose ''Secure Share''. After sharing your files with Secure share vBoxxCloud automatically made a Guest user for the abandoned e-mail address.


secure shares - vBoxxCloud


4. The Guest user will only see the following screen


Managing guest accounts - End User

1. These types of Guest Users Also can be managed and created beforehand by creating them in the web browser. The Guest Users will automatically get a e-mail with their user settings.

guest account overview - vBoxxCloud


guest account settings - vBoxxCloud


Sharing with external contacts

Sharing with external contacts is easy, you can simply Right Click the file or folder and click Share.

Sharing files from desktop - vBoxxCloud

share overview - vBoxxCloud


Shares Overview 

If you want to have an overview of the files that you shared or which items were shared with you. Go to My Files, then Shares and you will get a complete overview of your shares. 

items you have shared - vBoxxCloud 

Team Shares: all the root folders you have set up in your organizational structure.

Items You Have Shared: all the folders you have shared manually with Guest Users, Normal Users, and External Emails. To see which users are you sharing the files you can clicksubscribers icon.

Items Shared with Me: all the folders shared with you by other vBoxxCloud users.

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