How to start using vBoxxCloud?

How to start using vBoxxCloud?

After ordering vBoxxCloud, you will receive an email confirming the creation of the trial.

welcome to vboxxcloud email - vBoxxCloud

Click on the Login button  to access your vBoxxCloud account.   

Fill in the Username and Password created when signing up and click Login. This will lead you to the My Files view where you have an overview of files in vBoxxCloud. If you want to configure organization policies, you can click on Organization at the top right.

My Files - vBoxxCloud

My FIles View 



Organization View


On the top of the page click on "Logged in as..." to change your personal details. You can easily set up a new password for vBoxxCloud.

User Configuration - vBoxxCloud


 Organization Settings - vBoxxCloud


If you are collaborating with other users in vBoxxCloud, as an administrator you might want to set specific policies. To customize your organization, go to Settings, here's an overview of the different tabs:

General: Change the organization's name, parent organization, write a disclaimer and set a contact email.

Policies: Exclude specific types of files, allow users to lock files, periodical password change, file revisions and more.

Email: Configure an email server, customize email templates.

Branding: Customize the Logo, Icon, Splash Screen and write Terms of Service.


accounts - vBoxxCloud  Users & Admins

3 types of users:

Organization Admin: The organization admin will be able to setup and change the organization's policies, Admins can also move any user within their organization. 

User: User accounts will be able to install the sync tool, and synchronize team shares on their devices. See more

Guest User: Users that can access normal folders through the share function. Guest users will only be able to access the files through the web interface. 

Creating Users:

To create users, you need to click Accounts and then +. Within the user creation menu, you can indicate whether that user will be an Administrator for the organization or a normal user. 

Create a new user account - vBoxxCloud


  Windows Folder - vBoxxCloudFolders

vBoxxCloud offers a clear folder structure, if you click My Files at the top you will be able to access and create folders. 

My Files 2 - vBoxxCloud

2 types of folders:

Team Shares: These folders can be shared with Admins and Users in an organization. This type of folder automatically synchronizes any change or new information with the users you have assigned to it. For more information about Team Shares, click here.

Normal Folders: This type of folders can only be seen by the user that created them, unless other users are given access. Even if your organization has more than one user, these folders are associated only with your account unless you share them. 


Below you can see how to distinguish Normal Folders from Team Shares.  

personal folders and teamshares - vBoxxCloud


To create a Team Share you have to return to the Organization menu at the top. Select Shares and press +After the Team Share is created you can add Users so that they can synchronize the files to their computers. To add Users to the Team Share click .


add team share - vBoxxCloud 

Note: For more information about Team Shares click here. 

To create a Normal Folder in the web interface press My Files and then Create Folder.

create folder - vBoxxCloud


folder windows - vBoxxCloud

Sharing a File/Folder

To share a file or folder you can simply right-click on the item you want to share, this can be done in the web interface as well as in the vBoxxCloud folder.

share from the desktop - vBoxxCloud


In the Sharing panel you can share with different types of users, you can simply start writing the email address and if it already exists, it will automatically appear. If the email does not belong to any account, a guest account will be automatically created for that user. 

When Sharing, you can:

  • Set an expiration date
  • Configure Upload and Download Notifications
  • Customize notifications
  • Set Upload and File Removal permissions


secure share - vBoxxCloud


vboxx sync client icon - vBoxxCloud   Sync Client

The Sync Client is an application that synchronizes all the files and folders from vBoxxCloud to your computer. All the files are automatically synchronized, so whether you upload a document through the web interface or through the sync tool you will have it wherever you go. 

To download the Sync Client, you have to login to your vBoxxCloud account via the web browser. On the top right corner, you will find Download vBoxx Sync App. Select the version that corresponds to your Operating System.

download mobile apps - vBoxxCloud


After downloading the tool open the Sync Tool Installer.

 vBoxx sync setup - vBoxxCloud

vboxx sync welcome screen 

Press Next and fill in your login details. Press Next for the next screen and choose Typical. Press Next and in the next window press Finish, to complete the installation. 

In Windows, you can now open the Sync Folder. From now on you can open directly from the Quick Access or Favorites sidebar. The standard path for the Sync Folder is: C:/Users//Sync Folder

vBoxx Sync folder

  • You can now find in your computer the folders you have created before through the web browser. 
  • Everything that you place in this folder will also be synchronized to the Cloud. 
  • The small green icon,  indicates that the folders are synchronized (uploaded and downloaded). 
  • The blue icon,  means the Sync Tool is busy synchronizing new information.
  • To create new folders in the Sync Folder, you can simply right click on an empty area and select Create New Folder. 

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