Creating Backups

Creating Backups

As long as you have permission to you can use the Backups Tab. Backups are used if you have files on your local machine that you don’t want to sync but still want a backup copy of. You can use our backup feature to choose folders or files that will sync to the server only. Any changes made to a document will also sync to the server. If you need to restore a backup, you can navigate to your “Backup” tab. Just find the file you need and click restore.

vboxxcloud backups
  Difference between Backups and Sync

File Sync:

  • File Sync allows remote file access from anywhere on all devices
  • Revisions (File versioning)


  • Backups are files that are not in the "sync folder"
  • Remotely backup files on your local machine.
  • These files are saved on the server not in your “sync folder”
  • Any time the file changes on the local machine it creates a revision on the server.
  • You can restore backups from the Web UI under "Backups" tab.
  • No file access remotely.

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