Using vBoxxCloud on Android Devices

Using vBoxxCloud on Android devices

If you use an Android device you can download the app from Google Play. The app will allow you to: 
  • View, rename, delete and move files and folders;
  • Easily edit Microsoft Office content;
  • Lock files and folders;
  • Share files and folders;
  • Send secure shares of files and folders
  • Upload content from your device;
  • Automatically back up your camera roll to a synced folder;
  • Rename, delete, and move items
  • Pin and unpin items for offline viewing.
Logging In
1. In your Android device, after downloading and installing the Synced Tool, press the app icon to launch it. 
  • In the User field, enter your username.
  • In the Password field, enter your password.
  • Press the Sign in button when finished.
2. If Two-Step Authentication is enabled as an organization / account policy, you will have to enter an authentication code during the initial registration. Enter the Authentication Code and press the OK button.  

two step authentication - vboxxcloud android app

3. If the Two-Step Authentication was set up as an organization policy, you will be asked to configure a passcode after the initial registration. At subsequent sessions, you will have to enter this passcode when accessing your mobile app.
Note: If Two-Step Authentication has been turned on only at account level, configuring a passcode won't be necessary. 
4. You will be directed to the Settings page. Select Require PIN.

android app settings - vBoxxCloud
You will be prompted to enter a PIN.
android app - enable pin - vBoxxCloud
When accessing the mobile app you will be prompted to first enter this PIN.
Navigating the Android App

When accessing your account, you can use the app to open, view, manage and upload files. 

  1. Press the My Files button to view and manage your files and folders; You can rename, move or mark items as favorites. 
  2. Press the Recent Files button to view a list of the most recent files.
  3. Press the Offline Files button to view a list of pinned items for offline viewing.
  4. Press the Backups button to view a list of your backups .

    navigating the android app - vBoxxCloud


Locking Files and Folders

You can lock content. If a file or folder is locked on your device, the lock will be honored across all linked devices.

  1. Press the My Files button. 
  2. In the My Files screen, select the content in the Team Share that you want to lock.
  3. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, press the more options button, and then press Lock button.

    file locking - vboxxcloud android app

Editing Files

To edit content in your mobile app, you must first install a third-party editing tool. These instructions refer to Microsoft mobile apps (Microsoft Word app, Microsoft Excel app, and Microsoft PowerPoint app). You can download these tools at no cost. To use these tools for editing purposes, you must first create a free Office 365 account.

  1. Download the Microsoft Word app, Excel app, or the PowerPoint app depending on your needs.
  2. With the app installed, press the file you want to edit. 

    editing files - vboxxcloud android app
  3. The file will open in the Microsoft app, and will ask you to sign in to your Office 365 account, if you are not signed in. Press the Sign In button.

  4. The Office 365 Sign In page will display, asking you to sign in or create a new account.

    office sign in - vboxxcloud android app
  5. After signing in, the file will open in the Microsoft app. Use the app toolbar to edit the file as appropriate.

    word document - vboxxcloud android app

Sending Share Links

You can share links directly from your mobile app. To send a secure or public share:

  1. Press the My Files link. 
  2. In the My Files screen, select the content you want to share, and press Share.

    sending share links - vboxxcloud android app
  3. In the Choose a share type window, select Public share to send a standard share. In alternative, select Secure share to send a secure share, that will require a log in to access. Press OK to confirm your selection. 

    Note: If your Admin has configured settings to only allow secure shares you will only see one option. 

    public and secure share - vboxxcloud android app
  4. In the Create a secure share window, enter your recipient's email address and press OK.

    create a secure share - vboxxcloud android app

Backing Up Your Camera Gallery

You can automatically back up your mobile phone's gallery to a synced folder using the Auto Backup feature. When the feature is turned on, your mobile app will back up photos, videos or both automatically.

  1.  in the Settings, press the Enable Auto Backup option.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Press the Back Up Photos option to configure the backup settings.

    - Select Never if you don't want to back up your photos.
    - Select Over Wi-Fi Only to back up photos only when connected to Wi-Fi.
    - Select Over Wi-Fi or Mobile Network to back up your photos from a Wi-Fi connection and mobile data. 

  4. Press the Back Up Videos option to configure the backup setting for photos.

    - Select Never if you don't want to back up your photos.
    - Select Over Wi-Fi Only to back up photos only when connected to Wi-Fi.
    - Select Over Wi-Fi or Mobile Network to back up your photos from a Wi-Fi connection and mobile data. 
  5.  Press the Back Up Now if you want to back up your photos and videos immediately, if allowed by the connection settings configured previously.

Pinning Files

Finally, you can pin files so that you can access the files when offline. Your mobile app will be able to distinguish between pinned and unpinned files. Only pinned files will be fully downloaded. You can decide to pin and unpin files based on space limitations or needs. 


  1. In the My Files screen, select the Pin button next to the file or folder you want to download. If you pin a folder all it's files will be downloaded as well.

    downloading files - vboxxcloud android app
    When you unpin a file, it will remain on your mobile device until your cache is cleared. You can manually clear your cache through the Settings screen.

    pinned icon - vboxxcloud android app

    Represents a pinned file.

    downloaded icon - vboxxcloud android app

    Represents a downloaded file: the file will remain on the device until the cache has been cleared.

    unpinned file - vboxxcloud android app

    Represents an unpinned file.

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