What does a guest user see?

What can a guest user see?

After securely sharing a folder, a guest user account is automatically created and will receive an email with username and password. The guest user will be able to login via  web.vboxx.nl. In this article you will find what can guest users see and access when using vBoxxCloud. 


1. When the guest user logs in for the first time via web.vboxx.nl he or she will have to change the password before accessing the folder. After choosing a password the guest user can click on Change Password to proceed.

change password guest user vboxxcloud


 2. After changing the password the guest user can click on The House icon to access the folders. 

my shares guest users - vboxxcloud


3. In the active shares window, the guest user will see the list of folders shared with him/her. Clicking on the Share Name will alllow the guest user to see the contents of the shared folders.

Open shared folders - vboxxcloud

4. If allowed the guest user can then upload and download files in the folder.

folder structure guest user - vboxxcloud

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