Excluded Extensions

What Files and Extensions are Excluded from the Sync Process


As an administrator, you can restrict file types from being synchronized to the server using policy settings. Specifically, the Excluded Extensions policy lists default excluded extensions that can optionally be modified to accommodate the needs of an organization. Using this policy, you can help protect organizations and user accounts from files that might contain malicious code. Other file types, such as temporary and system files and folders, are permanently blocked from the system (hard-coded). 

This article will provide information on hard-coded excluded directories and extensions, as well as default excluded extensions that are configurable through policies.


Hard-Coded Excluded Extensions

Temporary Files



Any file name beginning or ending with ~

For example, Microsoft Word or PowerPower files

Any file name beginning with ~$



Libre/open office lock files


All .tmp files, including Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint files


AutoCAD files


AutoCAD files


AutoCAD files


AutoCAD files


Microsoft Access lock file


Microsoft Access lock file


Temporary Folders

Temporary folders are also hard-coded as excluded from the sync process. These folders include:




temp folder and anything below it


tmp folder and anything below it


A hidden folder used to stage files for replication actions.

System Files and Folders

System files and folders are also hard-coded as excluded from the sync process.  These system files and folders include:

System File or Folder



A file in the Windows operating system used to define how a folder should be displayed


A file that stores thumbnail cache


A file in the OS X operating system used for storing custom attributes of a folder


A file in the OS X operating system used for adding a custom folder icon.


Path to the windows directory

*System Volume Information

Path to the System Volume Information folder


Path to the MSOCache folder


Path to the I386 folder

*\Documents and Settings\All Users\AppData\*

Path to the AppData folder

*\Documents and Settings\*\NTUSER.DAT

Path to the NTUSER.DAT folder

*\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\*

Path to the Application Data folder

*\Documents and Settings\*\Cookies\*

Path to the Cookie’s folder

*\Documents and Settings\*\Local Settings\*

Path to the Local Settings folder

*\Documents and Settings\*\NetHood\*

Path to the NetHood folder

*\Documents and Settings\*\PrintHood\*

Path to the PrintHood folder

*\Documents and Settings\*\History\*

Path to the History folder

*\Program Files\Carbonite\Carbonite Backup\*

Path to the Carbonite Backup folder

*\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\*

Path to the Microsoft Clipart folder


The Recycle Bin


Path to the ProgramData folder

Folders Excluded from Being Backed Up

vBoxxCloud allows end users to back up folders that exist on their local machine. Certain folders, however, are excluded from being backed up (these mostly apply to Mac OS X).




Path to the Trash folder


Path to the Cache folder


Path to the Cookies folder


Path to the Logs folder


Path to the Feeds folder

/Users/*/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/*

Path to the Sync Services local folder

/Users/*/Burn Folder*/*

Path to the Burn Folder


Path to the Parallels folder

/Users/*/Virtual Machines*/*

Path to the Virtual Machines folder

Default Excluded Extensions Configurable Through Policy Settings

Administrators can also define additional excluded extensions using policies. The Excluded Extensions policy setting maintains the following list of default excluded extensions; however, these can be modified according to the needs and preferences of the individual organization.

Note: Information displayed in the following table was collected from FileInfo.com. For more information, please reference FileInfo.com.

Configurable Excluded Extensions

File Type


Temporary File


dBASE Temporary File


Iomega Backup File


3GPP2 Multimedia File


3GPP Multimedia File


. 3GPP Multimedia File


3GPP Media File


3D Movie Maker Movie Project


Static Library


Analysis Services Backup File


Automatic Backup File


Adobe Font Metrics File


Windows Animated Cursor


Lingvo Dictionary Annotation File


Advanced Systems Format File


Audio Video Interleave File


AVS Preset File


Backup File


Firefox Bookmarks Backup


VMX Backup File


Business Contact Manager File


Lacerte Tax File


Microsoft Works Database Backup File


Binary Data File


Windows Backup Utility File


Backup File


BillMinder Backup File


Visual Studio Source Browser Information File


Blu-ray AVC Video File


Windows Cabinet File


Common File Format 1 File


Compiled HTML Help File


Microsoft Help Combined Full-Text Search File


Compiled Help Index File


Help Contents File


DOS Command File


Windows Control Panel Item


Windows Cursor


SQLBase Database File


Dev-C++ Project File


Mac OS X Data Fork Font


Dynamic Link Library


Windows Memory Dump


Device Driver


Digital Video File


DOS Device Driver


Microsoft Recorded TV Show


Microsoft Digital Video Recording


Embedded OpenType Font


Windows Event Viewer Log File


Windows Executable File


Find Fast Status File


Find Fast Document List


Find Fast Document Properties Cache


After Effects Preset File


FLIC Animation


Flash Video File


Windows Font File


Generic Font File


Full Text Group


Full Text Search


FoxPro Compiled Program


Windows Help Global Index File


StarCraft Graphics Group File


Parallels Desktop Hard Disk File


Windows Help File


Compiled Help File


Microsoft Help Merged Query Index File


Microsoft Help Data File


Help 2 Compiled Help File


Icon File


IDA Database File


Movie Subtitle File


Incremental Linking File


Disc Image Data File


Setup Information File


Windows Initialization File


Adlib Tracker Instrument File


SMS Installer Script


Disc Image File


IIS Internet Service Provider Settings


Impulse Tracker Sample


Java Archive File


JScript Encoded File


3ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts File


Mac OS X Kernel Extension


Software License Key File


Adobe Linguistic Library Data File


Generic Data Library


Windows Library Description File


Windows File Shortcut


Log File


Adobe Type 1 Mac Font File


MPEG-1 File


MPEG-1 Video File


MPEG-2 Program Stream File


MPEG-2 Video


iTunes Video File


FoxPro Variable File


Matroska Video File


Apple QuickTime Movie


Heroes of Might and Magic II Map File


MPEG-2 Video File


MPEG-4 Video File


MPEG Movie File


MPEG Movie


MPEG Video File


MPEG Elementary Stream Video File


MPEG-2 Video Stream


Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File                            


Windows Installer Package


Windows Installer Merge Module


Windows Installer Patch


Windows Installer Setup Transform File


Visual C++ IntelliSense Database      


Windows NT Startup File


VMware NVRAM File


Compiled Object File


Wavefront 3D Object File


ObjectScript Script File


ActiveX Control


Backup File


Outlook Offline Folder File


OpenType Font


Precompiled Header File


Windows Photo Gallery Data File


Private File


Printer Font ASCII File


Printer Font Binary File


Printer Font Metrics File


Precompiled INF File


Windows Policy File


Preferences File


PICS Rules File


Program File


Printable File


Outlook Personal Information Store File


Parallels Desktop Configuration File


Windows Password List


QuickBooks Accountant's Copy Work File


QuickBooks Transaction Log File


QuickBooks Data File


QuickBooks File


Apple QuickTime Movie


Wavelet Video Images File


Registry File


Microsoft Resource Library


Roxio Project File


Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File


DNA Sequence Chromatogram File


Windows Screensaver


Custom Application Compatibility Database


Windows Document Shortcut


Macintosh Font Suitcase


Macintosh Font Suitcase


Vi Swap File


Motorola Driver File


Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme


TiVo Video File


Temporary File


Telemate Script


TrueType Font Collection


TrueType Font


Norton Ghost Virtual Volume Image


VBScript Encoded Script File


VGA Display Driver


Generic CADD VGA Driver


Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk


aTube Catcher Video File


Windows Virtual Machine Configuration File


Virtual Machine Disk File


VMware Snapshot Metadata File


VMware Snapshot State File


VMware Configuration File


Virtual Device Driver


FoxPro Window Settings


Nero Wave Editor File


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