Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth Throttling

vBoxxCloud bandwidth throttling feature allows you to configure how many kilobytes per second are transferred (sync up and down) for a particular agent or company (many agents). 

The feature can be configured at two levels - organization and machine:


1. Organization -> Settings -> Policies -> Bandwidth Throttlingbandwidth throttling settings - vBoxxCloud


 2. Machines -> Modify throttling link 

modify throttling - vBoxxCloud

3. Once you've chosen at which level you want to configure throttling, you can choose to either throttle with/without exception:
enable bandwidth throttle exception - vBoxxCloud
  • Throttling without exception: bandwidth will be throttled at the defined rate until it is set back to 0 (unlimited). 
  • Throttling with exception: bandwidth will be throttle at the defined rate EXCEPT for at the exception days/times defined. A custom rate can be set for the exception times.

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