General F.A.Q

General F.A.Q


What is Kerio Connect?

Kerio Connect is a tool designed to speed up your work. It gives you access to your email accounts, including maintenance and support from anywhere in the world. As an email solution built for businesses, Kerio Connect is a fully featured tool, including email, calendars, contacts and task management that are easily configurable.


Why use Kerio Connect?

With the Kerio Connect Server, you get a reliable and robust email management tool. Kerio Connect has everything that a modern workplace needs. It is a ready-to-use platform that allows mobile collaboration making teamwork even more efficient.


Where can I use Kerio Connect?

Everywhere! Whether your are a Mac, Windows or Linux user, you will always be able to use Kerio Connect. Kerio Cloud keeps all of your data syncronized across the applications you work with everyday. Whether you use the Kerio Connect Client, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird you have access to all your information. This also includes most of the mobile platforms available today.


How protected is my Email?

Kerio Connect has powerful built-in security measures. You are protected against hacking and malicious attacks thanks to the SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam and antivirus tools, and more. You can also easily recover email in case of a disaster, due to the automated backup tool.


Is it difficult to use?

Not at all, besides Kerio Connect is a much lighter alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Small Business Server solutions that consume significant IT resources. Kerio delivers multiple features and configurations that rival Microsoft Exchange without the complexity or the cost.

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