How to Customize Email Templates?

How to Customize Email Templates?

NOTE: HTML templates should only be customized by someone who has solid knowledge of HTML, any changes to the code can impact the emails sent by vBoxx. You can always revert any changes by choosing System Default or pressing Reset in case something goes wrong.


Download white label templates in HTML here.


You can customize Email templates related to: new user accounts, new guest accounts, share emails, multiple share emails, and Team Share emails. An explanation for each Email:

  • Welcome Email - a welcome email is sent to users when they are added to the organization.
  • Guest Welcome Email - a guest welcome email is sent to guest users when they are added to the organization.
  • Share Email - a share email is sent when a user sends share links to a file or folder.
  • Multiple Share Email - a multiple share email will be sent when an end user sends multiple share links to one recipient.
  • Team Share Email - a Team Share email will be sent to end users when they are added as subscribers to Team Shares.
  1. In the management console, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the Settings page, point to the Email tab and select the Templates button.

customize email templates - vBoxxCloud


       3. Click the Use Custom Templates button. Now you can customize your Email templates.


use custom email templates - vBoxxCloud

4.For each of the sections, enter information to customize emails.

  • In the Subject field, enter the subject that will display in the email subject heading.
  • In the Template field, enter the email content you want to include.
  • While in the Template field or Subject field, insert short code fields within the email content. To insert short code fields, place your cursor in the area in which you want the short code to appear.

In the Short codes dropdown menu, select a short code that will automatically populate based on specific user account information, or share context.

Click the Insert button. The shortcode will appear in the email template.

edit welcome email template - vBoxxCloud

edit guest welcome email - vBoxxCloud

Edit share email - vBoxxCloud


Edit team share email - vBoxxCloud

5. Click save when you are done.





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