News: vBoxxCloud version 2.5.0 is now live!

Published: 01/02/2016

vBoxxCloud version v2.5.0!

Release Notes:

vBoxx is pleased to announce vBoxxCloud v2.5.0, the latest release includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.


  • Selective Sync is now available and configurable trough the Desktop Sync Tool.

  • vBoxxCloud email templates can now be customized in HTML and previewed instantly.

  • New hydration method enables multiple sync queues with automatic prioritization and simultaneous transfers.

  • Additional Event IDspushed to Windows Event Viewer and OS X Console:

    • Service start: 0x200 (512)

    • Collision created: 0x300 (768)

    • Collision resolved: 0x301 (769)

    • Collision failed: 0x302 (770)

    • Collision message: 0x303 (771)

  • Numerous improvements to APIv2:

    • Root creation and management

    • Root subscription creation and management

    • FSE management

    • Guest account information retrieval


  • New Organization Setting to customize reply-to email address for system-initiated emails.

  • Sync process will now transfer the full file if the total size of the deltas in queue exceeds half the size of the full file.

  • Desktop Client UI now displays permission errors for mapped folders.

  • When receiving data from peers via LAN Sync, end users will now experience faster data transfers.

  • OS X clients now preserve config.ini customizations through new release updates.

  • Rollback dialog now features a tooltip to educate users on how different time zones can affect the Rollback feature.

  • Users will now be alerted of sync conflicts through a system tray icon overlay.


  • Windows Desktop Client taskbar application icon for Properties is now properly branded.

  • Web Activity Log now properly displays the username of an administrator who deletes content from a Team Share that he or she is not subscribed to.

  • Modifying excluded file extensions no longer enables Secure Share policy organization-wide.

  • Selecting multiple files and clicking the “Download Zip” button no longer results in a 500 error.

  • Two-step organizational policy now properly redirects to web when configuration is required.

  • Web cache controls are now active in Edge and Firefox to further protect against expired web sessions.

  • Custom branding now properly displays for desktop notifications on OS X.

  • Machines Tab now properly consolidates multiple user profiles on OS X El Capitan.

  • ConnectWise billing settings are now properly saved after administrator unchecks the “Billing Options” checkbox.

  • Deactivating nested FSE mappings no longer causes a sync loop in rare edge cases.

  • Desktop Client Properties “X” button will now properly close the dialog box.

  • Previously in some edge cases, folder deletions would not be entered in the event table. This is now fixed.

  • Sync down process no longer triggers unnecessary logging of file added events.

  • Desktop Client overlays no longer cause Windows Explorer to crash in certain conflicting Windows 7 or 8 environments.

  • The Company drop-down field now populates as expected when configuring ConnectWise integration settings.

  • The new hydration method is now indexing to further improve sync performance.

  • Certain branding icons no longer throw a 500 error.

  • The Use Filesystem Permissions policy is now properly enforced when content is locked by a different vBoxxCloud user.

  • Agent no longer crashes in specific edge cases.

  • Agent service no longer hangs in a syncing process as a result of a deadlock.

  • Agent service will now properly update the agent schema.

  • Rebranded Synced Folder will now properly appear as a storage location shortcut in Microsoft Office Desktop Applications.

  • Agent hydration method performance is overhauled for scalability with large data pools.

  • Agent database is now enhanced to prevent collisions and sync operations that were rejected by the vBoxxCloud Server.

  • Agent memory footprint is now optimized for better resource utilization.

  • Agents will now properly reject excluded extensions prior to sending to the vBoxxCloud Server.

  • Agents will no longer generate erroneous collision files when receiving updates from the vBoxxCloud Server.

  • Agent registration now properly creates Synced Folder in all instances.

  • Agent no longer crashes when stopping the service in a unique edge case.

Please contact vBoxx support if you have any questions about these new features.