News: vBoxxCloud version v2.5.4 now live!

Published: 22/03/2017


vBoxxCloud version v2.5.4 now live!

Release Notes:

vBoxx is pleased to announce vBoxxCloud v2.5.4, the latest release includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.


  • Auto-Locking is now improved to properly handle uncommon file names.

  • Outlook Add-in dialogs have received minor enhancements.

  • Sync performance is improe with better handling of deltas and compression when badwidth throttling is configured.


  • Outlook email attachments now properly convert to share links in rare edge cases.

  • Desktop clients no longer report as offline after upgrading to version 2.5.3.

  • Organization policy updates are now properly handled by the desktop client.

  • The Overwrite Remote option will now properly resolve collisions.

  • Certain file locks no longer throw a false collision.

  • Pie chart graphs will now properly display in the Storage Overview report.

  • Filesystem navigation on the web is now successful when expanding large volumes for File Server Enablement and backups.

  • The hydration query is now optimized and no longer exhibits a mutex timeout.

  • Configuration drop-downs now properly load when configuring ConnectWise billing integration.

Please contact vBoxx support if you have any questions about these new features.