How to configure File Locking?

How to configure File Locking?
vBoxxCloud allows users to lock files and folders in Team Shares, giving subscribers the ability to set read-only permissions on shared content. This prevents other Team Share subscribers from editing and overwriting content while changes are being made.
Users can lock a whole Team Share, a subfolder in a Team Share, or a file in a Team Share. When an item is locked, a lock icon is placed over the file or folder. Administrators have the ability to unlock any file or folder. Locks are applied across agents, the web interface, and mobile devices.
If a user forgets to lock a file or folder before editing it, a file collision could occur. For more information, read the Collision Resolution Knowledgebase article.
File Locking is useful for companies that want to prevent other users from accessing files when changes are being made, at the same time it prevents file sync conflicts from happening. The feature also allows the creation of read-only Team Shares. i.e. you can create a read-only Financial Resources Team Share that has sensitive documents, users will be able to read and download files but won't be able to edit or delete the files. 
1. First you must turn on the File Locking policy for the organization in the Policies page of the Settings tab.

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2. Additionally make sure that in the vBoxx Sync Tool Auto-Lock is set to Always to lock automatically the file while editing or to Ask Me so that a notification appears.
3. If you would like to have a read-only Team Share for a certain number of users, you can have an Admin of a higher or the same organization lock the Team Share indefinitely.
How to lock files or folders
Use the right-click to lock any file or folder stored in vBoxxCloud and choose “Lock” or “Lock for…” to determine the length of the lock. As long as the lock is in place you will maintain the last version and only your modifications will be synchronized.

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Users will get a visual confirmation of the lock
On the file icon, a lock will appear to indicate that the file is locked for editing. Users can still look into the file or make modifications to a copy of the file. Every user can request information about the user that locked the file. Administrators can always override and remove the file lock.
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Word and Excel files can be locked automatically 
For Microsoft Word and Excel files you can decide for each shared folder if you want these files to be locked automatically when opened by a user. The user can subsequently decide whether he or she wants to receive a confirmation message of the automatic locking, or not.

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How to lock Word and Excel files automatically on Team Shares: 
1. Login with an administrator via the browser into your vBoxxCloud account.
2. Go to Organization side.
3. Click on the Shares tab.
4. Now go to the pencil of the desired organization 
5. Activate ''Auto Lock Word/Excel files''
  1. This feature applies to .doc, .docx, and .xlsx files. The feature can also apply to .xls, .odt and .ods documents if the documents are opened with LibreOffice or OpenOffice.
  2. This feature is not available for Word for Mac and .xls files opened with excel.
  3. This feature is only accessible from the desktop client installed on local machines.
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  "Read-only" notification 

The user will receive this notification while saving, if the file is locked by another User or Admin.

read only file locking notification - vBoxxCloud

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