General F.A.Q

General F.A.Q


What is vBoxxCloud?

vBoxxCloud is an online file storage Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that you can use vBoxxCloud as a service for a fee over time rather than purchasing only a software license. vBoxxCloud doesn't only give you storage in the Cloud, it has extensive administrative features that make it ideal for sharing files throughout your organization. For more info, visit


How can I use vBoxxCloud?

Wouldn't it be great to always have the latest files with you? vBoxxCloud makes sure all the files are updated and accessible on every device! Because your data is important it has to be in a secure environment and you always have to know who you shared your data with! That is why vBoxxCloud has an extensive administrative interface that helps you keep track of your data!


Where is my data located?

Your data is stored in an ISO 27001/14001/9001 certified Climate Neutral Datacenter located in the Netherlands. Your data is 256-bit AES encrypted which means that your data is not even readable on the server itself. When you connect with your credentials to the server data will be decrypted with a specific key that is linked to your credentials.


Why use vBoxxCloud?

vBoxxCloud makes sharing your files with other users and devices very easy. This increases productivity and professionalism. It will also improve the security of your data. Because all your data, in the sync folder, in transit, and on the server is blowfish encrypted. That means that without your login and password nobody can ever see your data unless of course you share it with somebody.


What do I need to start using vBoxxCloud?

Files you either want to share, protect, or make accessible to other devices is all you really need. You actually don't need anything else to use vBoxxCloud except an Internet connection and a web browser. After you have created an account, go to the login page, download and install the vBoxx App, and that's it!

There are some system requirements that can be found here.

How to upgrade vBoxxCloud?

Through the Client Portal, you can automatically, add or remove users/storage packs from your account. Just select the vBoxxCloud product and upgrade or downgrade your account. For more detailed information read our Upgrading & Downgrading vBoxxCloud article.

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